Friday, June 10, 2011

Tips to Treatment Your Feet

Tips to Treatment Your Feet

Tired, aching feet and foot pain are very common, especially as we get older. Most of us can relate to the experience of tired, aching feet after doing a lot of shopping or an entire day on their feet at work.
Women tend to suffer from aching feet when wearing tight fashion shoes or high heels.

If your feet are tired you can do a foot bath with the addition of chamomile (plus or minus 4 sachets per 2 liters of water).

If all are dry, water is added with lavender essential oil and a few drops of honey, if they are hot or swollen just add lemon juice or essential oils of mint to water at room temperature.

After you do self-massage, you can complete the work by rotating a ball, preferably of wood under the sole of the foot to reactivate blood circulation and strengthen muscles, or you can use medium soft rock when you soak your feet in the concoction.

A good exercise for the muscles to contract is to pick something up from the ground with your toes or rotate to the soles of the feet a tennis ball.

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