Monday, September 19, 2011

Make-up Tips for a Big Nose to Look Smaller

Make-up Tips for a Big Nose to Look Smaller

If you have a big nose and you want to be able to hide them a little, a nice make up trick can do it. First, you must be able to divert the attention to the other part of your feature. Here are some tips to do them :

A secret to avert your nose from the center of attention is apply a bright lipstick and have a strong color on the lips. Use a proper make-up to be able to overshadow your flaw.

To sweeten the bridge of the nose, the so-called "bump", take a matte eye shadow (in a lighter shade than your skin tone) with a brush  and apply it first to the sides of the nose and then slowly fading back down to the eyebrows.

To smooth a sharp nose, instead, spread a layer of dark powder, a shade more than what you normally use and apply only at the tip of the nose.

After that, use an eye shadow and a pink blush on the nostrils. This trick can also be used to make a very long nose seems shorter.

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