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Bach Flowers Benefits for Beauty and Health

Bach Flowers Benefits for Beauty and Health

What are Bach Flowers

The Bach flower essences were discovered by British physician Edward Bach, who was balancing the energy and emotional disharmony of the individual, can contribute to the healing of many diseases that can be a substitute for the medical establishment.

The flowers with their vibrations restore the lost balance, and rebalancing the contact with our higher self, help to find the corresponding positive energy, and physical improvement. The Bach flower remedies act as catalysts to the subtle levels, not only did not interfere with the therapy, but generally accelerate the therapeutic effect of drugs and therefore healing.

According to Bach every flower is carrying a message of well-defined, has a vibrational quality that has a positive influence on our mood, putting us in the right emotional resonance. Chose only wild flowers, full of a special healing energy.

Bach Flower Remedies for Your Health

In 1917, after overcoming a serious illness, Bach devoted himself to research intuitive healing properties of plants observed the flowers, their color, shape and symbolic meaning, finding thirty-eight remedies capable of redressing the various moods the human being.

The treatment that based on the Bach flower remedies is simple safe and effective. Part of its simplicity is due to the fact that the use does not require great expertise, but rather a great sensitivity and intuizione. The remedies, in fact operate on the basis of a diagnosis of the emotional state of the person who must take.
For each extract, corresponding to as many psychological profiles.

How to Preparing The Bach Flower

  1. Select the appropriate Bach Flower Remedy stock bottle for your issue(s). Store the remedy away from loud noises, drafts and strong odors including aromatherapy products. It is homeopathic and should be treated gently.
  2. Obtain a 2 oz. amber medicine bottle with glass dropper from a pharmacy. Fill the bottle with pure spring water (not distilled) about 2/3 full. Add 1/3 brandy. Add two drops (only) from the stock bottle to the amber bottle. Using 1 stock remedy at a time is very good for working through heavy issues. Up to 5 can be added for different issues. 3 can be use to help balance out the healing.
  3. Shake the bottle 32 times to mix the solution and to activate the ingredients.
  4. Take 5 drops in a clean mouth (that is no smoking, eating, drinking or brushing teeth for about 20 minutes on either side of taking the remedy). Do not touch your tongue to the dropper. Let your tongue coat your mouth with the remedy. Some people feel something immediately. Sometimes other will notice the effects in you, in a few days.
  5. Repeat 3 to 5 times a day. Try to use the remedy for 21 days in a row (part of a natural change process).

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