Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Purple Makeup

Purple Makeup

Purple is the color of last cry and something makes us think that will accompany us throughout the winter. Present on the catwalks of the moment, the stars and actresses love it while the artists continue to be interested in it. With its infinite variations, purple can be highlights for blonde to dark color hair and t will adds a touch of style. Even the make-up artists is creating a palette of winter ranges from lilac to bright cranberry.

Purple eye makeup is ideal for women with green or hazel eyes, and those who has a tinge of emerald. A dark violet eye shadow with a gray shaded eye pencil makes it more interesting and emphasizing a deep penetrating eyes and especially in dark blue eyes.

The purple color, with gray component, is suitable for all skin types, even if puts more resolder blue eyes. The effect of this color is striking that the eye becomes magnetic.

If you want to use purple on your lips, blueberry or plum lipstick is recommended to women with dark skin while the fuchsia and purple for those who are pale. Glossy look is recommended to close the perfection.

Last but not least, do not forget the nails to match.

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