Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mouth And Lips Wrinkles Treatment

Mouth And Lips Wrinkles Treatment

Near the mouth, the skin is very thin and delicate and easily tends to lose its elasticity and wrinkles with early signs deeper. You can save the day with specific and targeted treatments.

The continuous movements of the mouth, leading to a contraction in a position to score the skin over time and rings out the fine lines around the lips. For example, the wrinkles are most evident in a smoker just because of the unnatural act of shaking a cigarette between the lips. Nicotine prevents blood circulation and for this reason, the poorly nourished skin becomes thin and fragile and prone to aging over time.

Making extensive use of specific treatments that can help alleviate this annoying cosmetic problem.
Fresh soft creams and gels that act in different ways to combat wrinkles and sagging skin are already on the market. Nourish and hydrate to counter the ripples due to dryness and stimulate the production of elastic collagen and also supports the skin with vitamins and sunscreens to constrain the harmful action of UVA.

The important thing is to apply the cream or gel regularly, morning and evening, or at least once a day. Do the trick by useing small touches on the contour of the lips to complete absorption. If the lips are dry, frizionatele first with a soft brush to remove all the cuticle that prevents the penetration of the product.

Lips Makeup Tips

Be careful to gloss because it tends to drool and highlighting the ripples of the mouth. If you still want the bright color you can choose a cream or choose a soft lipstick to be applied after drawing the outline, which curb the smears. Better to choose a color quite the same shade of lipstick and not too flashy.

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