Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beauty Tips for Cleaning Face Skin

Beauty Tips for Cleaning Face Skin

Dermatologists recommend washing the skin, every morning and every evening. Cleaning the face should be a regular fixture for every woman, because it gives the skin elasticity and radiance in addition to making it young and fresh.

The use of the tonic is recommended for cleaning up, make up removal and facial cleansing to get rid of impurities and toxins. Skin can be polluted and smog and make it opaque and dull. Cream for day and night is absorbed better and deeper after a proper cleaning of the skin.

A Few Tricks to Proper Cleaning:
Each of us is free to option for a clean water-based or not.
The gel texture should be used with water as the cleansing milk is perfect for cleansing without.

  • Warm the milk until it is in the hands of detergent at the temperature of the skin
  • Applied to the face and neck and hands, without press flat for 5 or 6 times
  • Remove the product with a towel
  • On two cotton pads to apply toner and gently wipe over face and neck
  • When using a gel, emulsify a small amount between your hands, roll on the wet face and neck, rinse with warm water.

The products should be selected for proper cleaning depending on skin type:

Oily Skin : sebo-balancing tonic is an ideal cleaner for soothing and calming as well as astringent

Dry Skin : Cleansing milk is ideal emollient and enriched with active ingredients to replenish the lack of fat. Applied a non alcoholic tonic to the face and or a light thermal water.

Normal Skin : will be fine with tonic and a mild alcohol-free. They go well in a two treatments.

Sensitive Skin : should be used a mild detergent, make sure it won't be irritant. Recommend a cleanser instead of a product that rinsed in order to avoid contact with water rich in calcium that will be aggressive to the skin. The tonic must be perfect or it need to be decongestant to thermal water.

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