Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Trick With Freckles Skin

The Trick With Freckles Skin

If you have a face dotted with freckles can be considered very lucky! Freckles can give sympathy and offer elegance, as well as a hint of sweetness so loved by men. Mischievous and intriguing to this day they are the real protagonists of a look at last cry.

If you have freckles skin, here are some tips to apply makeup for your skin tone properly.

If your habit is to use the foundation, better to use lighter fluid and a type that leaves only a thin layer of skin color almost transparent. A thin layer of concealer on the T-zone of the face and a slight blush on your cheeks and anywhere else. For the choice of color try to choose a shade similar to your natural complexion and never too dark as you could cover the freckles.

The trick of the lips and eyes must be very careful and clear so that the freckled face purchases even more personality. Exclude too light shades, avoid choosing lipsticks and eye shadows with bright flashy colors. Draw the lips with a pencil and color them with a more definite lipstick and a lip gloss.

To highlight it using black fuzzy eyepencil at underside of the eyes and then apply mascara. Be careful when you having a sun bath, because if the sun tans your skin, freckles tend to disappear and be noticed less. Use a high protection products and choose moisturizers with sunscreen to use every day.

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