Thursday, July 28, 2011

Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearer

Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearer

The glasses are an important accessory that can make your face interesting, but you must know how to choose the type of frame that most suitable to enhance your features and above all learn the
make-up secrets and enhance your total appearance. Your eyes can be simple, beautiful and fascinating behind a pair of lenses.

  • Choose a round face or square frame slightly upward and makes the face appear more open to the sides.
  • Triangular face must choose glasses from simple cut, never rigid, and slightly oval.
  • The oval face is a perfect square frame stretched out which makes the face appear wider in the middle
  • To make the square face features slightly softer choose a thin oval glasses.

Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearer

Use a mirror that magnifies and put it at the right distance in order to focus on the details of the eye. Choose a cream long-lasting eye shadow, and with a finger applied them on the eyelid. Avoid the powder eye shadows because they tend to accumulate on the lenses.

Chose an eye pencil, that have suitable color to your skin, to intensifies your eyelid. Draw a slim line that follows the contours of your eye.

Apply mascara to finish. Choose a mascara product that prevent curling the tips of the lashes, because they can make the lenses dirty.

If your glasses magnify your pupils, the problem can be overcome by using medium dark eye shadow. Colors to use can be brick, terra cotta and cinnamon. To expand the eyebrows, use eye shadow with a light color like beige, ivory, sand or pink that can create a point of light. If, however, through the lenses, your eye is not bright-fully lit, the most effective way is to choose a dark gray, aubergine and plum color eye shadow.

Avoid to use eye pencil all inside of your eyes because they can sensitize your pupil. Do remember, in the case of hypertrophy sightedness, lenses bring out the flaws in on the skin such as wrinkles, dark circles and large pores. One suggestion to avoid this, is to pay a really close attention to the application of foundation, blending carefully and never overdo the quantity.

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