Monday, June 13, 2011

Barley for Beauty

Barley for Beauty

Barley History

This cereal was in the past a major source of human nutrition, especially in Mediterranean countries. Barley was the food of the Greeks because he helped to become strong in body and mind. His ability to adapt are surprising given that its cultivation extends from Northern Europe to the borders of the Sahara.

Barley Nutritional Information

Barley has the dual virtue of being rich in silicon, useful for the brain and nervous system and suitable sugar for the muscles and ligaments. For this reason it is good for children and young people. The grain is also contain a good quality of vitamin B1 and vitamin E in addition to the valuable content of protein and carbohydrates that its nutritional value near by wheat.

Consumption Patterns and Cooking

Barley is available in whole beans or peeled beans that has free from the skin shell and pearl beads. Bleached and refined Barley can make it lower at the intake of nutrients. But they can also form in flakes, or to be flour and beer

Preparing Barley for cooking can be very similar like making Soups or rice, but Barley needs an hour of cooking after being soaked for a night or inside toasted in a hot oven for 15 minutes.

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