Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Take Care Brittle Hair and Split Ends

Beauty Tips For Brittle Hair and Split Ends

Have you noticed that your hair is weak, thin and split ends? A phenomenon that in summer, may be due to the mix of sun, chlorine and sea water, but sometimes even a little balanced diet.

If it is very obvious it may be a miniaturization: the hairs are tiny because they fall before ending their natural cycle of development. They tend to gain weight and easy to curl, but can not hold a crease.
And the split ends? are due to flakes of keratin that covers the hair and decrease moving towards the end of the barrel. The tip becomes less strong and protected from external agents.

Hair Care and Tips

Use shampoos that made with silicone and cationic resins, panthenol, vitamins and plant extracts that give volume and to reinforce the chioma. The balm, specify to thin hair and brittle without cationic polymers.

Drops in vials with proteins and polysaccharides, which stimulate the follicle polifer, close the slats of cheartina, so it can be conducted in a protective action.

Against split ends, use a silicone serum to each wash. Do not care, but makes them invisible, redensified and protecting the hair fiber. It only takes a few drops on the fingertips to be massaged.

Jojoba oil can be very effective, which repackages the tips that are damaged, and preventing the formation of new ones. After applying cover the head with plastic wrap and, if possible, leave in place all night.

More help? You have to take oral supplement of trace elements (iron, copper and zinc) and vitamins (A, C and H biotin, invaluable for the health of your hair). The cycle lasts two or three months.

To Avoid
Use rubber bands and hair accessories only if necessary, ​​they can cut the stem capillaries.
Dry and care your hair with a very soft brush, avoiding, if possible, the hair dryer.
After the shampoo, best dry with a towel, without rubbing, making them air dry.

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