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Foot Care Tips

Foot Care Tips

At certain times of the year our foot exhibit minor defects ranging from dry skin to smell. The heat but also the long hours spent sitting or standing in long positions that hinder the movement are among the causes for the appearance of heaviness and swelling. Some discomfort can be solved by spending more and more attention to a body part that very often in danger of being neglected and forgotten.

Foot Care Tips

A foot bath in the evening helps to combat these nuisances and to give energy boost to tired feet. Add a handful of baking soda or salt to a bucket of water. For immediate, lasting effect and to help you relax, you can use anti-fatigue product refreshing herbal and vegetable oils, which help to soften dry skin.

After the foot bath is advisable to apply an anti fatigue cream with essential oils and extracts is ideal to relieve swelling and exhaustion. For an immediate effect to try to keep the product in the fridge as the cold can enhances their effectiveness.

For a high perspiration and odor problem, a careful hygiene is the first thing. You should also do a foot bath every morning and evening, preferably with a suitable product and deodorant. Washed thoroughly your shoes (if you can) and go on the slab a swab of alcohol. Insoles are also need specific action. Put in a powder or spray absorbent and deodorant products directly into the shoes.

To keep your feet fresh and fragrant and avoid excessive sweating, use deodorants and avoid using anti breathable substances that contain bacteria that break down the fat component to sweat, creating bad smells. You can choose feet fresh and fragrant between spray, talc and sensitive emulsions.

The heels are subjected to daily contact with shoes and with time, the skin becomes rough, thick and can get to have some small nicks. Sometimes the skin can also become hard around the toes and cause little discomfort.

To get a soft and smooth feet first, in the evening, make a foot bath to soak your feet in warm water with a couple of tablespoons of sweet almond oil to be dissolved in water. During the foot bath you can massage the foot with a bit of scrub (exfoliating micro-granules) in order to smooth the rough and thick skin. On the most rough heels you can use the pumice stone.This is repeated every night until you get the skin you want.

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