Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Frequent Errors Applying Makeup

Frequent Errors Applying Makeup

Restroom is a great excuse to enhance our face and our beauty, but unfortunately we must take into account the small details, not to fall into big mistakes that can give a negative effect to our appearance!
Here are some common mistakes that women make and also some advice to fix the problem.

Makeup Smudged

Nothing is more aesthetic makeup stains around the eye of the black pencil and smudged eyeshadow that stands out the wrinkles of the eyelids. A trick to use is to use the foundation powder or as a base before applying makeup. Another tip is to look in the mirror often during the day, so, to avoid nasty surprises.

The Lip Pencil That Contrasts

The lipliner that contrasts too much with the lip color or lipstick is not a nice thing to see on the face of a woman. If you decide to use a lip pencil to try to choose a color the same shade of lipstick you use. Another tip is to blur the line toward the center of the mouth and not outside!

Eyelashes and Stuck With Lumps

The mascara meets the needs of every woman, giving an intense and captivating gaze. Cat's eyes and long eyelashes enhance the beauty of any face unless it is inconsistent with the result of makeup eyelashes sticky and full of lumps.

The mascara is a delicate product that is beginning to ruin already the first applications. A word of advice is to beware of the freshness of the product and buy a new one when it starts to deteriorate and not to give the desired effect.

No Wrinkles on The Pearl Eye Shadow

If you have any small rocket around the eyes. They should be avoided eye shadows and creamy pearl that accentuate the presence of wrinkles on our skin. Prepare the eyelid first by spreading the cream, then the foundation and eventually a layer of transparent loose powder.

The Foundation is Not Suitable to The Complexion

To get a perfect make the choice of foundation is essential. First you need to choose a shade that is as close as possible to that of your complexion.

Too dark colors create an effect applied to the face "mask" in addition to pointing out a break in color between the face and the rest of the body. Also too dense or opaque products are adversely as accentuate wrinkles pimples and other skin imperfections

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