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Benefits of Honey

Benefits of Honey

Purifying, aphrodisiac and refreshing, deworming, anti-toxic, controller, cooling and healing.The adjectives are not enough to define the honey, used a thousand years before Christ in ayurvedic medicine as a remedy for various ailments.

For the Greeks, honey was the food of the gods. The Sumerians used it in creams combined with clay, water and oil of cedar, while the Babylonians made extensive use in the kitchen. Not to mention the Egyptians, who with honey has antibacterial properties, cosmetic and miraculous, took care of digestive disorders, wounds and injuries as evidenced by the numerous well-preserved vessels, found in the tombs.

Even the Romans were importing large quantities of Cyprus, Crete, Spain and Malta. It has no case, the name "Malta" - Meilat means land of honey. With this precious substance, produced even a special ice cream "anti-litteram. According to an ancient recipe handed down by Pliny the Elder, was mixed with finely crushed ice, add juice to create a sweet cream and fresh. And the famous honeymoon? It comes from a drink called "mead" (with added yeast and water) that in 'ancient times it was done drinking the newlyweds to propitiate the arrival of a son.

Energy source from Honey

Composed of glucose, water, pollen and especially fructose, honey is a source of energy absorption, slower than the classic sugar.It can therefore be used as long as the body. Even if this is recommended for use for athletes before a sustained effort.The calorie intake? 320 kcal per 100 grams of honey.

Different types of honey and the benefits

  • Acacia Honey : tonic, laxative, anti-inflammatory by the throat, liver detoxifier.It is also used against stomach acid
  • Orange Honey : It is often used for insomnia and nervousness.For ulcer healing, sedative antispasmodic.
  • Forest Honey : Ideal in the flu-
  • Chestnut Honey : Used to promote blood circulation, astringent, disinfectant of the urinary tract. Recommended for the elderly and children.
  • Sunflower honey : Used to fight cholesterol, febrifuge, antineuralgic
  • Alfalfa Honey : Tonic, anti-inflammatory, for the athletes after several efforts
  • Heather honey : Tonic with anti-anemic action anti-rheumatic
  • Eucalyptus honey : Useful for a cough, antibiotic, asthma, catarrh
  • Honeydew 's Fir : Antiseptic pulmonary and respiratory
  • Oak honeydew : Anti-anaemia. Leisure appreciated by the large amount of minerals
  • Thyme Honey : Antiseptic, sedative, febrifuge, tonic
  • Honey Clover : Antiseptic, sedative, febrifuge, tonic
  • Wildflower honey : Liver detoxification
  • Honey Juniper : Particularly suitable respiratory
  • Honey Tarassasco : Diuretic, cleansing, benefits kidney
  • Honey Lime : It is used for insomnia and irritability, menstrual pain sedative, calming, diuretic, digestive.

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