Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to Use Makeup Brushes

How to Use Makeup Brushes

To get a perfect make-up you need to choose high quality products but also the right tools to apply and blend the colors on the face. Here below you will find tips and secrets on how to use make up brushes.

Flat Brush for Foundation
The right brush to apply makeup (especially cream) is flat and not too soft brush, which helps to blend the color well. After putting the product on the back of the hand dip the brush and draw several horizontal lines on the face. Then begin to fade with a movement from inside to outside. Pay particular attention to the contours of the nose and the corners of the eyes where the foundation tends to accumulate.

Full Brush for Blush
To brighten the complexion and well spread the blush on the cheekbones and cheeks has recommended a full brush with natural and soft bristles. With a brush harder, slightly sloping and flatter you can apply a blush under the cheekbones of a darker tone of his complexion, so that the face (if round) would be thinner.

Rounded Brush for Powder
In natural bristles, large and rounded and the brush that is used for the powder. Dips it in the powder with circular motion so that the powder stuck, then blow to remove excess product and start to apply on the face with fast moving and rotating. To eliminate the shine on your face, dab your forehead, nose and chin, with a soft small brush.

Small Brush and Drive to The Spelling
For a correct application of the cream concealer should choose a brush with stiff bristles, flat and slightly oblique. The concealer cream is ideal to make it less obvious imperfections of the face.
The product should be spread with a brush from inside out blending thoroughly to achieve a natural effect. On wrinkles is better not to use the spell but it is recommended that an illuminating blend the groove.

Oblique Brush for Eye Shadow
A small brush is slanted and the most suitable for spreading the eyeshadow on the eyelids and not accentuate wrinkles. To create different shades you can mix more powder before makeup.
Still using a brush you can soften the angular, flat and pencil if you prefer a more subtle trait can pass on the stroke of the pencil to get the color and then use it to draw the stroke.

Soft Brush to the Ground
To apply bronzing powder using a large brush (but not too much) and soft ideal to collect a little dust at a time. To avoid the unsightly spots you should first lay a bit of powder. Pass the brush on the wafer with circular movements of the earth, shake and apply on your face with fast movements and blending thoroughly.

Brush With a few Bristles For Eye Liner
A long brush no more than five millimeters, with a few bristles, round and soft is used to apply the cream or liquid eye liner. Dips it into the product and then do a test on the back of the hand and when it is flowing, proceed the application on eyes. If you can't do straight lines, draw close a small line to another: the result will look like it's one line.

Stiff Brush for Eyebrows
To define the exact design of the eyebrows, making them more dense it is advisable to use a brush with synthetic bristles oblique. To get a natural result, draw a lot of small indents then carefully blend creating a small effect. Very important also, the choice of shades of powder to use that should be the same color of hair or slightly lighter

Oblique Cut Brush for The Lipstick Palate
To apply the lipstick with precision using a flat brush with stiff bristles, and cut it obliquely.
We need to move the tip of the lipstick and extend the color from the center of the upper lip to the outside and then from the center of the lower edges. To achieve a lasting and unsurpassed you can draw the outline of the mouth with a small round brush.

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