Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rice Milk for Natural Beauty

Rice Milk for Natural Beauty

History of Rice Milk
Rice milk is a new way to eat a cereal that has ancient origins. Rice arrive in Europe in 500 AD by the Eastern culture and served as a thickener for different recipes for the tables of the nobility.

To get the rice milk on cereal is processed through a mechanical and heat so as to transform the starch into simple sugars, sweets and similar to raw immediately.

Rice Milk Nutritional Characteristics
The most nutrition is given by its carbohydrate content. Half a liter of milk rice equals 100 grams of pasta.

Rice Milk Consumption Patterns
Rice milk can be used for a traditional breakfast, and as an alternative to cow's milk in the preparation of foods and desserts. It is non cholesterol, no lactose and no casein and is a good alternative to cow's milk for those who suffer from lactose intolerance, allergy to casein, various allergies, or have respiratory infections.

You can use this as an alternative for feeding children, sportsmen and all who want to eat a healthy product that helps maintain a good physical shape and stay in healthy life. This milk can be drunk in place of or in addition to soy milk if you prefer, and contains mostly polyunsaturated fat, and fiber, vitamins A, B, D and minerals.

But because rice milk is high in carbohydrates you must take a little cautious to drink not to many of it. Include it in your everyday calorie count way to beauty so you won't get too much carbohydrates in your daily intake.

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