Sunday, July 17, 2011

Remove The Belly Fat Without Heavy Sport

Remove The Belly Fat Without  Heavy Sport

You can have flat belly without a sweat. You just need a patience to do this treatment focus on your belly, and for about two months, you will notice the difference.

In two and three times a week, apply a mud brown algae, which helps to drain the liquid and activate the metabolism of fats.

Try to use creams to help dispose of fat and lymph tissue-based stagnant sea oak, Aosaine, ederina, caffeine, escin and panthenol. You must apply the cream both morning and evening, every day.

Some beauty treatments are very useful. there are electrical stimulation that remodel the body, producing slight contractions when the muscles relaxed.

As an alternative to liposuction for lost your fat, you can try the focused ultrasound, which reduces the circumference of the waist up to 1centimetro and a half each session.

Of course you must also perform a low-fat diet. remove the consumption of black carbohydrates like pasta, bread, tortillas, etc, because they are devoid of nutrients and also have a high glycemic index. Also adhere to clean water and green tea only prepared, as they contain no calories or sugar. Even diet sodas and smoothies should be avoided because they are high in sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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