Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Makeup for Brown Eyes

Makeup for Brown Eyes

If your eyes are brown and you want to be able to have a look deep and intense you have to use some tweaking in your make-up.

First, start the trick by using a foundation on the eyelid in order to establish good eye shadow. With a wide brush applies eye shadow with pearl effect on the whole upper lid with a circular motion. Then use a darker blush by applying it to outside of the eye to enlarge.

To make it look even more penetrating even insist on the fold outside corner. Under the eye, at the base of the lashes, apply with the same color as your eye shadow and use a scorched earth color, remove the excess with cotton bud and it will done the trick. Brush thoroughly after applying eyelashes and mascara lightly.

Makeup for Brown Eyes Tips:

* Choose a mascara plum color that is very suitable for brown eyes and to give shine to the eye.
* Put clear mascara on the eyebrows.
* Appropriate colors for dark eyes are purple, bronze, brown, but shades of color more vivid.

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