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Rose Water

Rose Water

The Rose
Romantic and passionate flower, the rose comes from distant Persia. 300 varieties were known already in its medicinal properties as an antiseptic for external and internal use. Rose has properties that was used to purify the blood and its syrup had cardiotonic effects.

The Rose Water
Who does not remember the rose water used by our grandmothers and our mothers? To perfume and make your skin smooth and velvety rose water is an excellent remedy. It is a brew with excellent, refreshing, astringent, tonic, decongestant of the skin.

Today, by virtue of its astringent, rose water are used to cleans oily skin and  fighting acne also reduce the skin shiny effect. Rose water is also an excellent remedy for slowing the progression of wrinkles.
Here you will find a recipe below to create homemade rose water.

Rose Water Classic Homemade
Leave it for about an hour of red rose petals 150 piece (can be either fresh or dried) in a quart of boiling water, strain and put the tea in a bottle. You can use it as a tonic after cleaning the face. Apply with a cotton pad.

Rose Water Tonic for Oily Skin
Boil 300 g of wild rose hips (you have to cleanse the hair) in a liter of water for twenty minutes. Strain and bottled. Obtained using the tonic twice a day (morning and evening). Apply with a cotton pad on the skin.

Pink Rose Vinegar Bath
For a scented bath and very romantic scene, rely on this ancient remedy so loved by women.
Soak 100 g of dried rose petals (red or pink) in a quart of vinegar for two weeks and do not forget to shake the brew every now and then. Strain and store in a bottle.
Pour in a glass in bath water. Good and gentle remedy for obtaining a soft and velvety skin.

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