Friday, October 14, 2011

Make-up Tips for Lips

Make-up Tips for Lips

Lip make-up serves to enhance the color or correct any minor flaws and imperfections. Here are some tips to have a wonderful mouth at every opportunity!

Make-up Tips for Lips
Those who want to enhance them can use bright colors and garish lipstick. For those who do not want to put out is advisable to use soft colors and opaque avoiding lip gloss and pencils.

Applied to thin layer of foundation on the lip contour using the same shades used for the face. With a pencil in one or two shades darker than the lipstick, draw the outline of the lips in (at most 2 or 3 mm from the natural one)

Shaded with a brush made ​​with a pencil the outline bringing it towards the center of the lips.Apply a thin layer of lipstick shades in a delicate mat so that the result is clear and unmarked.

Make-up Tips for Thin Lips
To make it look fuller lips, cover them with a natural edge correction light (or the foundation). Redraw the outline highlighting the ripple and accentuating the curves. Try not to enlarge the corners of the mouth.

Use a pencil to make a special hatches in the small lip contour (redrawn with the previous correction) from the center to the outside. After that blurred the line you drew with a brush from outside to inside.

Apply the gloss or a lipstick shade of a natural or clear medium amber spreading it with a brush from the center of the mouth outwards. Avoid bright reds and darkest shades that give the mouth a stern expression.

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