Friday, October 14, 2011

Hands and Feet Fissures

Hands and Feet Fissures

Hands and Feet Fissures Causes
Athlete's foot, fungal and bacterial infections are the most common causes of the formation of fissures in the toes. Other causes include skin diseases like psoriasis, which causes abnormal thickening of the skin. within your body there may also be that diabetes, that may promote infection and consequently fissures. Some times it can be given by hardening of the skin due to trivial trauma (the use of unsuitable shoes that cause thickening of the heel).

How to Cure Hands and Feet Fissures
If all origin diseases are cured, the most valuable advice is to check with your doctor instead. If fissures are given by trauma or calluses, you should dry them. You can use colored disinfectants that can dry and disinfect the wound (mercurochrome or methylene blue). So to return the integrity to the skin area, it is recommended to use vitamin E or fitostimolina that promote re-epithelialization.

To combat the continuing formation of fissures is advisable to hydrate and soften the area with creams emmolienti (perhaps based on sweet almond oil) in the case of hyperkeratosis. If there is bacterial or Funghini spaces between the toes dry thoroughly and apply powder to absorb dampness. In any case it is important to always consult your doctor.

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