Friday, October 14, 2011

Asparagus Benefits for Health

Asparagus Benefits for Health

We cannot 100% sure about the origin of asparagus.They had been said to be from Mesopotamia or Iran. From the ancient times asparagus and wild crops were grown in a short time throughout the Mediterranean area. Later, the Romans named it with the name of which means asparagus spear. The reason? First of all, because the flesh is only the second of the shoot and then it was thought that this vegetable possessed healing benfits to the human body, regenerating it and giving it new life.

The asparagus are part of the family of the lilies. Together with the bud or shoot, which is really the only edible part, the vegetable is composed of small yellow flowers and leaves
There are several varieties: the Mary Washington characterized by green shoots, and those of Cesena and Bassano characterized by white buds; Argenteuil and the Neapolitans that are characterized by the distinct of the flower from the shoots. Ancora, although difficult to find, have the size that most of wild asparagus and so tasty.

As vegetable, asparagus has many beneficial properties for our body. They rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Despite having a low caloric intake, appetite stimulant and diuretic and detoxifying properties, Asparagus helps our body to get rid of fluid that accumulates in the tissues.

In addition to having cleansing benefits, they are also high in uric acid, so it is not recommended for those suffering from cystitis, gout and kidney inflammation. Finally have a high content of calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

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