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Make-up Tips For Blondes

Make-up Tips For Blondes

Woman with blonde hair has always been a symbol of femininity and sweetness. This type of woman goes even more beautiful with a suitable make-up to her hair and her eyes.

Hair Tips for Blondes : Choosing the right color is a key point to emphasize the clear tone of the face. it is therefore very suitable for playing on the colors and shades as reflected highlights, sunburn, to give more movement to color.
Eyes Tips For Blondes : Blue and green, which is important thing is to get them out. The colors are more suitable for the make-up and warm brown tones.
Skin Tips For Blondes : The skin of the blonde woman is always clear to a lower presence of melanin. For the skin is then recommended a warm color from pink to peach.

Make-up Tips For Blondes
Use a blush color chosen from calm as beige, pink, amber, and apricot brick to the face shape to give a natural color.

To delineate the shape of the eyes, it is preferable to the choice of a brown pencil, which, while defining the line in a gentle way makes it look deeper and to enhance the look, choose eye shadows should be warm in contrast with the cool colors of the skin. Option for colors are orange gold, copper, terracotta, bronze, brown, maroon, green and amber.

Shape your eyebrows define it very clear drawing with the pencil fits small dashes, choosing a shade similar to the natural order not to create unpleasant contrasts. Apply lip gloss over lipstick-hued pastel or semi-transparent to enhance the smile.

Make-up colors to fit the blonde woman
Blush: pink peony and antique pink
Base: ivory
Eyeshadows: amber, clay, bark, green slate
Pencils for the eyes: brown and plum
Pencils for Lips: light brick, natural
Rossetti: apricot, lilac, pink, pop, Bronze

Pick the natural color lipstick and pastel pink. You can also use colors gold, red, orange, brick that emphasize the sensuality of the lips. It lands in tanning during the summer months. you can choice to add the shades of gold to be very well blended. No to Kajal pencils or dark all inside of' eye. Make you look hard and cold.

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