Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Onion Benefits for Health

Onion Benefits for Health

Onion is a bulbous plant in lily's family and a relative of common garlic. Onion scientific name is Allium cepa and looks like a bulb covered with a thin membrane paper with colors ranging from golden yellow to red and white.

Onion Benefits for Health

Onions in addition to being useful as a cancer preventive, it has several other properties. The sulfur substances such as selenium and chromium that present in the onion have the ability to reduce plasma triglycerides, and blood cholesterol level, to regulate platelet aggregation and therefore to make the blood more fluid, helping to prevent thrombosis and other cardiovascular diseases. Onion act on bladder and kidneys, having a diuretic effect in resulting blood clearance.

Onion juice is great for calming, reducing cough and hoarseness, also reduce bronchial diseases in addition to being an effective mucolytic and expectorant. When eaten raw, onion is very useful for the digestive system by eliminating the pathogenic bacteria in the stomach, promoting bile secretion in the gut, and thus the process of digestion. In special case, raw onion is not recommended to those who suffer from indigestion symptoms of acidity and heartburn. In these cases the solution is given by consume cooked onions.

Onion Quality and Preservation

In the market there are many qualities of onions: red, white, yellow gold, oval or spherical, but best quality product is the red onion.

For proper storage, onions should be stored in a cool place for 2 or 3 days. More than that, store in earthenware jars or paper bags.

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