Sunday, September 18, 2011

Homemade Footbath Recipe for Tired Legs

Homemade Footbath Recipe for Tired Legs

If at the end of the day your legs are fatigued, swollen and tired,an infusion of thyme, sage and lavender can be an excellent remedy. Here are a recipe to make a homemade footbath that can give your feet ultimate relaxation in your own cozy space.

Recipe to Make Homemade Footbath for Tired Legs

  • Mix the herbs in equal amounts and pour a teaspoon in a cup of boiling water.
  • Leave to infuse for ten minutes and then add a handful of coarse salt. 
  • Pour the tea into a basin of warm water.
  • Add a tablespoon of honey with 3 drops of essential oil of pine.
  • Put the legs in water for 10 to 15 minutes.
The invigorating foot bath have a great power to melt the contractions tensions by activating the circulation.

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