Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Apply Mascara


Mascara instantly turns your lashes to be long and thick, giving charm and intensity to the eyes of a woman.

The trick is focusing on the eyes and make long eyelashes to be able to have glam look. Mascara can help you to do this, a product that very useful to bend and thicken the eyelashes while making the eyes larger and more expressive.

The mascara last generation, thanks to innovative solutions, make the lashes thicker, longer, and well separated from each other. The question to reach a feminine beauty is the important addition of the formula and also the usage of the applicator's shape. To make different models of eyelashes, applicator shape came in various : spiral, comb and cylinder.

The most widely used color is black which is the most elegant and brings out the eyes and suitable for all hair colors, blond, red and brown. If you want to give colored mascara to brighten the eye, you can apply them on the tips of the lashes, after having rolled out the black mascara. The latest fashion in these year are the fluorescent bright colors like electric blue, purple and brown with green hues. Although the style are more suited to those who have fair skin.

How to Apply Mascara

Before you put mascara on the lashes, shape them first with the eyelash curler. Grasp it near the base of the eyelash and hold them for twenty second. Eyelash curler should never be used after mascara because they can break or tear the lashes from the roots

If you do not use powder eye shadows mascara can be applied before starting to eye make-up because this can determinate better intensity trick in the later stages.

With a spiral mascara brush, move a layer from the center of the mascara, brushing them from root to tip and pushing outward.

To apply it on the lower lashes move it horizontal. The secret to apply mascara to your eyebrows is by tugging your fingers to your temple and brush them lightly and carefully diagonal following your eyebrow shape. If you put too much amount of mascara and your eyelashes are stuck with each other, use a clean mascara comb to separate them.

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