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Makeup Tips and Tricks to Disguise Eyes Dark Circles

Makeup Tips and Tricks to Disguise Eyes Dark Circles

Eyes dark circles usually appear after a sleepless night, when you are tired or under stress. But some people are born with them, they are there and have always been. Eyes dark circles are harder to disguise to those who has a light color skin that show vein pattern, and bluish eyelids. But try these makeup tips and tricks to disguise eyes dark circles, so you can show your best feature without panda apperance.

First you need to use a small offset of concealer (it is preferable to creamy matt) because if they use too much, you run the risk of overloading the gray area, create a halo around the eyes and only makes visible fine lines. A secret is to use your fingertips to tap the concealer to get a natural effect.

Apply a dark eye shadow (black, brown, gray) on the upper and lower eyelids and blurred by brush. Eye pencil helps to give more intensity to the eyes and should be applied inside the lower eyelid. All the pencils are recommended but avoid dark purple ones that bring out dark circles.

Color Corrector to Disguise Eyes Dark Circles
The choice of the shade of concealer is very important to be able to have a natural result and depends on the type your eyes dark circles. If they are very dark and tending to violet tones, you should avoided all the fraction shades of white, but rather use orange shades (yellow if dark circles are less obvious). You should also avoid the pink correctors as they tend to transform the eyes socket in a halo and turn out to be old gray eyes.

How to Apply Makeup to Disguise Eyes Dark Circles
Clean your face well and remove any remaining part of makeup before applying the concealer. The area should be very clean to prevent discoloration. Apply small dots of concealer from the inner amber starting under the eye to get out on both upper and lower eyelid. Smooth the concealer with your finger tapping to blend until there are no visible boundaries. Make up concealer should not touch the cheek area and the lateral wings of the nose, not to alter the volumes. Fixed by dabbing the correction throughout the area with full velvet cover of transparent loose powder.

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